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25: DOOM

Group: MOOD
Members: Hi Tech, Jahson, Main Flow & Dante
Producer:Hi Tech
Recorded: 1995-1996
Album: DOOM

MOOD is an underground Hip Hop collective that consists of 4 members, DJ Hi Teck, Dante, Main Flow and jahson. It also features a very young and very unknown "talib kweli" at the time, much before he went on to make underground and mainstream success with Black starr(with founding member Mos Deff) and his solo career in early 2000s and so on. But lets rewind back to the mid 90s shall we. Filled with sinister rich epic hip hop loops, backed up with epic lyrics and songs that deal with street crime to philosophical apocalyptic doom, with lyrics that range from hallucinations of satan to epic drug cartel stories and drug deals gone hay wire, The album "DOOM" is exactly how this group makes you feel in certain tracks, that feeling of doom..but in a very laid back "underground" sound that only a group like "Mood can bring set the mood.

Esoteric Manuscript


Industry Lies

Sacred Pt 1 *Just go to the 3:40 mark. This song is not that great but at the three minute and 40 second mark it switches sounds/beats/atmosphere everything, and hi tech comes in to drop a quick verse, the only song he is in and this beat is just so beautiful and sinister and his raps are just deep, dark and hits you hard. "All these teachers and preachers, they down with the police in the night time they shooting up dope and drinking white wines, to give the pipes lines blame it on the crack fiends, and Black teens getting "As'" from the vaccines" . Too bad the the last part of the song is so goddamn short! That fucking beat is beautiful!!!

8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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