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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
The NYC date is more convenient but i'm probably gonna go to the Brooklyn show since GZA is playing that one. If H.R. decides to sing with his hands in his pockets at least GZA would have given me my moneys worth.

I have seen GZA five times in concert by himself. I have also seen GZA about 6-7 times with Wu Tang Clan. He definitely puts on a hell of a show when it comes to his solo performances. He was easily the best act at last years Rock the bells, performing his legendary "Liquid Swords" record from start to finish. It was a sight to be hold. My 5th time hearing the entire album

Here is a video of GZA performing "I got ya back" with such ease, so flawlessly, with out breaking a sweat. For a 40 something year old, he seriously still knows how to fucking hold the fort down. The best part about this video? I am in it! Yup, about 42-46 seconds into the video you can clearly see me jumping up in down with my arms up in the air, shaking my head, head banging and just going crazy. Its really hard to miss me, i am in the remainder of the entire video once it gets to the 43 second mark. I'm the guys with some what long hair, next to the guy with the hat
43 Seconds in and pretty much the entire video, you can see me
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