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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
Seriously though, it is refreshing to see another person who has the same take on deathcore as I do. I remember getting into deathcore back in like 2007 and being completely oblivious of the "scene" aspect of it and just digging the music. Nice choice in albums too. I would put four of them in my top ten of the genre. The only album here that I've never heard all the way through is The Dead Walk and the only one that I don't particularly like is Exoplanet, although I gave the song "Flourish" another listen yesterday and liked it ten times better than the first time I listened to it thanks to you kind of putting the clean parts in perspective for me.

The only qualms that I have with your list are that No Time To Bleed is above The Cleansing and that The Somatic Defilement isn't number one.
Awesome! Thanks for the feedback, I had a ton of fun making this list. Glad to see that love for The Somatic Defilement.
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