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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
My little review:

Got there right as Black September got on, one of the local openers. Met up with Daimonos as they were playing. They were pretty solid, typical Black Metal, very Watain-ish. I didn't think they were bad, but they got slightly boring after a few since all the music sounded the same.

It was the first time I've been to Reggie's and it was very, very cold inside. I ended up actually wearing my winter coat the whole time, through all the circle pits. Saw Metallicbrian and met up with Garagemetal right as Strong Intention came on. Glad you made it out, man! Strong Intention were really, really good powerviolence/grindy-hardcore, really fun live. The singer/guitarist was really old and pretty fat, but was way, way into it, and got the crowd going. Really awesome! Bassist had sweet facial hair, too. The circle pits started for them, and didn't let up the whole night.

Goatwhore came up next, and were freakin' awesome. My first time seeing them. Pretty much headbanged violently the whole time. New shit sounded really, really good live, too! My favorite band of the night. Carving Out the Eyes of God, Invert the Virgin and Apocalyptic Havok were just insane with how many people we got circle pitting. Their singer is an awesome frontman, too. Always moving around and getting the crowd into it. They left a great impression on me. Played for almost a full hour, too.

Lock Up were pretty good, and really fun live. Tomas seemed really happy to be there, just had a smile on his face the whole time. Not much more to say; just really cool live. It personally felt like a long time, over an hour of grind, but worth it. Glad I came out to hang with y'all.
What? I thought you've been to Reggies a bunch?
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