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Originally Posted by bigguytoo9 View Post
Exhumed are fucking KILLER live, so glad I saw them right before they started adding all the new songs in.

I LOVE "All Guts, No Glory" but it was quite the treat hearing more old stuff for sure!!! Plus Macabre opening last time was almost impossible to top.
Nice. As much as I love the new album, I would like to hear some more songs from Slaughtercult. "Infester" and "A Lesson in Pathology" are a couple of my favorites. They cover Gore Metal pretty well though, so that's good.

Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Scion is fucking awesome. Speaking of which, has there been any word on their annual Rock Fest?
Agreed. And no, I haven't heard anything about it. Hopefully they are still doing it. They did post that they're releasing a new EP by the Melvins though.
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