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Power of the Riff -- San Francisco, CA -- August 16th, 2011

Venue: The Mezzanine
Source: Me

So this is extremely belated, but I just realized I forgot to post it, so here ya go.

AEGES 7:00-7:30
Missed these guys.

BAPTISTS 7:45-8:15
Saw the end of their set. No set list. They were pretty good, though...a lesser-known sludge band from Norwich, UK. Good stuff.

EARLY GRAVES 8:30-9:00
These guys are a local outfit from SF, and I remember the crowd being really into them. Apparently, their vocalist was killed in a van accident the previous year, and they dedicated the performance to him. They were pretty intense. Big ups to them for pressing on in the face of adversity and keeping the faith.

No set list, sadly.

MASAKARI 9:15-9:45
War Within
Rapid Dominance
Pain Conceived as a Tool
Q? Culture A. Resist
The Voiceless
Forever Cursed

These guys killed it. They are a hardcore / crust outfit from Cleveburg, Ohia. Turns out, they live in the same neighborhood as some people I know. Small world. I met one of their guitarists after their set - Joe, I think his name was - and he was a really chill guy. He said he knew one of the guys from Alpinist and would e-mail me the set list for them, but sadly I never saw it. Anyway, check out Masakari if they come to a venue near you. They fucking rock balls.

ALPINIST 10:00-10:30
These guys were fantastic. I read a description of them online which says that they're a German Punk/Hardcore band from Münster, formed in 2006. I would say I remember the punk / hardcore aspect being only part of their sound. I seem to remember them blending aspects of sludge and post-metal in at times as well. Anyway, I unfortunately didn't get a set from them, but I liked them a lot.

PELICAN 10:45-11:45
The Creeper
Dead Between the Walls
Strung up from the Sky
Far from Fields
Last Day of Winter
Inch Above Sand

Pelican was fucking sweet, as usual. I've seen them around five or six times now, and they never fail to slay. I confirmed the above set list with Trevor de Brauw, whom I'd met before in the past. This time he talked to me even more at length than in the past - I would say we shot the shit for at least twenty minutes on & off during the couple of stops I made at their merch table. Super nice guy. One of the things we discussed was their next album. At the time, it didn't have a title, but now I know it's an EP called Ataraxia / Taraxis that's due out on April 10. Presumably, there's a full-length on the horizon after that. I asked him if the songs would be shorter, like they've been on the last two albums, and he said, "yeah, I really think we hit our stride writing songs like the ones on City of Echoes and What We All Come to Need". So there's a tidbit for ya - right from the Pelican's mouth.

PENTAGRAM 12:00-1:00
I hate to end this on a down note, but I really didn't check out more than a few songs from these guys. I'm sorry, but they just aren't my thing. Bobby Liebling is almost a parody of himself at this point. I didn't know whether to feel worse for him, or the oldfag fans who were singing the lyrics along with him. I dunno. He's a legend, but from a completely different time and place, IMO.

Overall, it was a great gig though. Not bad for a random show I was able to see because I was on the road traveling. There were several examples of that in 2011, including Amon Amarth and the mighty PRIMUS - so I can't really complain about my opportunities for live shows in 2011.
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