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I can understand why you the US fans want a change of setlist, I guess many of you have seen Opeth plenty of times, in my case...they finally came to southamerica in 2009, so there is a bunch of songs I would love to listen live

and in this specific setlist I would be happy with almost all songs, except for Deliverance, Heir Apparent and Credence, that I saw them in that concert...and I feel the dark, because I don't like it very much

I loved the fact they were playing A Fair Jugdmennt, if I mix the 2 setlist would it be like this:

The Devil's Orchard
Face of Melinda
To Rid The Disease
A Fair Judgement
The Lines in my Hand
The Grand Conjuration
The Drapery Falls
Demon of the Fall
I'm out of money so I will miss every show from here to eternity
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