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This next list can be summed up by the following smiley:

These are albums that I feel had a real chance of climbing into the upper echelons of my list, if I had had the chance to spend more time with them, but alas. A few of these are here because I only got to listen to them a handful of times. There are some potential growers on the list (Loss and Yob, for example), as well as some which showed early promise but never made it back into my listening queue (such as Unearth and Tides from Nebula). There are even a couple that I know are damn good (Flourishing, Evan Brewer, Thomas Giles), but because I ran out of time, I just didn't know where to put them in my list in order to do them justice.

So, I thought I would feature them here. They are in no particular order, but suffice to say that I liked them all, and wish I could have listened to them more.

Fifteen Metal Albums That I Probably Would Have Loved, Given More Time
  • Tides from Nebula - Earthshine
  • Yob - Atma
  • Evan Brewer - Alone
  • Loss - Despond
  • Thomas Giles - Pulse
  • Krallice - Diotima
  • ChthoniC - Taskago Army
  • Flourishing - The Sum of All Fossils
  • Hail!Hornet - Disperse the Curse
  • Unearth - Darkness in the Light
  • Delta Cepheid - Entity
  • Oranssi Pazuzu - Kosmonument
  • Brutal Truth - End Time
  • Jesu - Ascension
  • Lionize - Destruction Manual
EDIT: My wager is that maybe half of these may have ended up in my top forty somewhere...
9/2 Chelsea Wolfe
10/16 Kylesa / Inter Arma / Indian Handcrafts / Irata
11/13 Windhand / Monolord
12/30 Clutch (?)

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