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I was at this show. I thought all the bands sounded good until Megadeth. Did anyone else notice how bad the sound was? The first 3 or 4 songs had some kind of feedback - not the high pitched feedback, but a low sounding version. Dave looked really annoyed and even addressed it to the crowd. But even after that was fixed, I thought his guitar sound was muffled and hard to hear at times. It really bothered me because you obviously go to hear Dave play guitar. I expected his vocals to be hard to hear again like they were at American Carnage, and they were. I wish they would crank up his mic for that too - but I really can't get over his guitar sound. Maybe up front on the rail you wouldn't notice because you can hear his guitar from the Marshall Amps, but where I was at, on the side by the bar, it did not sound right at all.
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