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Originally Posted by anomynous View Post
Alright, something that's been bothering me (Disclaimer: I'm not a fan of Baloff's voice)

Why does everybody worship Baloff? He was with Exodus for one album, their first. (Not counting that live album that came out later) In my opinion, Zetro is Exodus, and like Dukes' voice better than Baloff's. Nobody seems to worship Neil Turbin and put him on a pedestal. Is it because Paul died?
Having watched a few thrash documentaries in my day and listening to people speak about him, it seems it was more due to the aura he had around him. He was in the forefront of that whole "Kill the posers" movement which really endeared him to the thrash disciples.

Besides he was a fantastic presence on stage despite maybe not being as good a singer as his contemporaries but an Exodus live show back in the day was considered the shit and a substantial part of that was down to Baloff's exuberance.
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