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Originally Posted by Nater View Post
I always felt that was the charm of him. He wasn't doing what some of the other thrash bands around that time were doing in terms of vocals. He had this raw almost punk kinda voice that was a ton of fun to listen to.

At the time I first heard this album, I wasn't looking for vocal quality, or anything else. I just liked what I heard. Anon is correct in that a lot of the time he's just shouting, but that's fine with me. I never asked for clean singing. I didn't want Halford-esque range. I liked the fact that his voice sounded like gravel rattling in a blender - it was a perfect complement to the gritty quality of the music they were making at the time.

It sounds harsh to put it this way, but sadly for me, Exodus has been on a slow decline since day (album) one. Regardless of the technical prowess they may have developed over the years, there will simply never be another "Bonded by Blood", and of course there will never be another Paul Baloff.
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