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Megadeth -- Milwaukee, WI -- February 12th, 2012

I won't review in depth right now, I'm too tired. I was actually surprised w/ Lacuna Coil and Volbeat, they both put on good shows. Motorhead was good. Megadeth was good too, not the best show I've seen them do, AND NOT PLAYING ANGRY AGAIN CERTAINLY CONTRIBUTED TO THAT.


Lacuna Coil came on around 6:25, I don't like their music, so I didn't expect much from them, but they actually put on a good show, and played a song I enjoyed. I was impressed. From what songs they announced, I'm assuming their set is the same as it's been all tour. Someone on Dime recorded their set, as well as Volbeat and Motorhead, so I can probably update this with their set in the future. But yeah, they were good, although their set was really short.

Volbeat were up next, and I didn't care for their music either, but they put on a hell of a show, and I enjoyed what I heard. Oh yeah, and HANK FUCKING SHERMANN was playing guitar with them.

A Warrior's Call
Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
The Human Instrument
Sad Man's Tongue
Hallelujah Goat
Who They Are
The Mirror and the Ripper
Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza
Still Counting
Raining Blood(outro)

Motorhead were up next and they tore threw their set. Really good show, I think they were better than the last time I saw them. And I have to say, Mikkey Dee is a monster on drums.

Damage Case
I Know How to Die
Stay Clean
Over the Top
The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
The One to Sing the Blues w/Drum Solo
Going to Brazil
Killed by Death
Ace of Spades

Megadeth closed. This was my sixth time seeing them, and they still put on a good show, but it definitely wasn't the best. The sound was worse than usual, and that's saying something. At some points I couldn't tell if Dave was having problems with his voice or if the sound just sucked. The crowd crush was pretty brutal, like always. I was hoping for Angry Again, but I was let down. On the upside, I did see Foreclosure of a Dream. Also, Broderick and Dave played most of the Hangar 18 solos in front of me, which was awesome. Also, the Thirteen songs sounded pretty good, maybe I should give the album a chance? He got pissed before one of the Thirteen songs because people kept yelling, which sometimes happens at shows.

Wake Up Dead
A Tout le Monde w/Scabbia
Hangar 18
She Wolf
Foreclosure of a Dream
Dawn Patrol
Poison Was the Cure
Public Enemy No. 1
Whose Life (Is it Anyways?)
Guns, Drugs & Money
Symphony of Destruction
*Dave gave a guitar to a fan for some reason*
Peace Sells w/Vic Rattlehead
Holy Wars
5/30 - Cryptopsy
6/18 - Crowbar
7/8 - Slayer/King Diamond
8/4 - Alice in Chains
9/30 - Mark Knopfler

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