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46. Trap Them - Darker Handcraft

Whenever I'm in the mood to be smashed in the face with hammer repeatedly, this album is a good choice to accomplish just that. Trap Them play furious d-beat, hardcore laden metal with the occasional splash of grindcore. Kurt Ballou's production is great as usual and the familiar swedish death metal guitar tone is delicious. The riffs are a bit catchier than those on Seizures in Barren Praise but they are not close to selling out or anything. This album is nothing new but goddamn does it hit the spot when I'm looking for some pissed off, metally, hardcore punk.

45. Unexpect - Fables of the Sleepless Empire

This album is fucking madness. The aptly named 6 piece from Canada, Unexpect, are truly avant garde and play chaotic metal along with electronic, classical, jazz and many other influences. The musicianship, from the drumming, to the 9 string bass (I did'nt even know that existed), is flawless. I wonder if they could possibly pull this material off in a live setting. Operatic female vocals sort of hold it all together and add a catchiness to the songs. Very unique piece of music and if I can ever fully wrap my head around with what is going on this album could easily jump into my top 20.

44. Ulcerate - The Destroyers of All

For whatever reason recently, death metal has become one of my least listened to genres. That being said, of the few death metal albums I listened to last year, Ulcerate really stood out. The combination of the dirty guitar tone and dissonant cacophony of riffs give this record a dark and quite evil sound. The atmosphere that results is unique among most death metal. Dense as this album is, the band does use occasional post metal elements to give the songs some dynamics. The vocals are good, typical gutterals, but the drumming really stands out. I'm no musician, but this drumming performance is probably the best I've heard all year. Very original sounding music in a genre where that is a rare thing.
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