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Artist: Exhumed
Title: All Guts, No Glory
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Relapse Records

After a five year hiatus Exhumed is back with more bone grinding gore metal. The chainsaws have been pulled out of the storage unit and put to use once more. The limbs of expired bodies are dismembered, exposing the undulating sea of maggots gorging on the rotten flesh. Hacking away with the axe, Matt Harvey has fabricated a full spectrum of styles, ranging from death metal and thrash metal to grindcore. All Guts, No Glory is much like an extension of Anatomy Is Destiny, as it continues the more death metal driven formula with heavy influence from Michael Amott, yet still embodies a grindcore essence. The solos are highly diverse, with some being reminiscent of the Gore Metal and Slaughtercult eras and others focusing on enticing melodies that bring about latter Carcass nostalgia. Danny Walker of Intronaut and Murder Construct handles the drums, providing a basis for the carnage. With ripping blast beats and meticulous fills he delivers a cataclysmic impact. Then Matt Harvey’s necrotic screams are at the forefront of the album, butchering the cadavers into mutilated remnants and serving them on a platter. Eight years have passed since Anatomy Is Destiny and Exhumed has made an astounding return, leaving no corpse unscathed.

“Distorted and Twisted to Form” -
5.31 Grave Miasma
6.3 Voivod
6.5 Discharge
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