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Scale the Summit -- Chicago, IL -- February 10th, 2012

At Reggie's Rock Club. Set was shorter unfortunately:

Scale the Summit:

Rode In On Horseback
Black Hills
The Levitated
The Great Plains
Origin of Species

So I dipped out of my night class (AI Programming for Video Games ) about halfway so I could make it down to Reggie's around 8:30. I first got there when the main support band, Elitist, was playing. Typical Sumeriancore. Kind of boring, honestly. They were just standing still on stage focusing on their instruments, and the music did nothing for me. Whatever.

Scale the Summit got on around 8:50, and I've been waiting a long, long time to see them headline, and the set they were playing on this tour was giving me wet dreams in anticipation. There were maybe only 50-70 or so people at Reggie's. I went and actually sat on the right side, on that raised platform, and laid down to relax and almost get in a meditative state for the awesomeness that is Scale. It was sooooo good. It was great Black Hills, songs off of Carving Desert Canyon, and Rode In On Horseback! I fucking adore that song. Unfortunately, in Black Hills, Chris' guitar shit out and he wasn't really able to switch between distortion/cleans in the middle of songs, so they had to waste some time trying to fix it. Unfortunately, also, they found out that they HAD to be out of Reggie's at 10:00... which was 20 minutes less than they expected. So we got fuckin' Crossing the Ocean and Penguins in flight cut out. Still, they were pretty flawless, and it was an honor to see ANY song off of Monument live. Hopefully they get another headlining/long slot sometime here in the future and I'll get to see more of the songs I love live. Other than Black Hills (which was incredible live), I'm sick of Collective songs.

Definitely worth skipping my class for. Picked up a Black Hills shirt, and a tab book for Carving Desert Canyons. Great show!
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