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Originally Posted by bigguytoo9 View Post
Everyone and their dead dog gets a fucking solo on the Axl Rose show. Replace them with more songs maybe?? Makes the set looks GIGANTIC when it really isnt. I mean one guitar solo isnt too bad but does Axl really need a keyboard solo???
Wow you people are predictable

The solos are all 30-seconds each and the show is 2.5 hours. You say one guitar solo isn't too bad, but how many bands play one guitar solo and one drum solo in a 60 minute set? Most of them. This is the same ratio as any other band in terms of solos in the set. And the whole band used to get them in the '90s too; no one complained then. Get some perspective before looking at the setlist on paper without being there and recycling tired internet comments. It's not Black Sabbath without Ozzy and Metallica sold out with the Black Album too, right?

On another album, pretty sure there will be one more. After that, can't say I'm so certain. And I have very little interest in a reunion because it doesn't matter. Whatever band goes out it will be fronted by Axl, and the general complaints are all about him anyway. The fact that a different set of guys is standing behind him won't change the show at all. He'll still be late, his performance will be the same, the playing from the band will be the same (or worse), the setlist will be the same (except with more UYI stuff) because he wouldn't do it without being able to play at least some of his newer material (too right too), there'll be just as many solos but they won't be as good.

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