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Originally Posted by larvtard View Post
No they don't, but thanks for trying, pal
If I've listened to the albums I'm qualified in this matter, regardless of whether I held them in high regard or not.
You don't like three of the most appreciated bands in the entire genre. Don't you think that says something? That's like saying you love death metal but Death is boring. But aside from omitting three of the best bands, your list still comes off as entry level at best. I will say that you've put a number of great albums on there, and a few of them are actually some of my favorites, but your taste is limited almost exclusively to modern sounding releases. You need to expand your horizons. There are so many other great bands out there, you just have to take some more time to get into them.

Here are a few lists to start searching through. I've found that RYM is great for discovering lesser known gems.
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