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Lamb of God - Resolution

Hello everyone! This is the first time I am actually writing a review on here so go easy on me, I realize Lamb of God is not liked around here for some reason (OK maybe some people like them).

Being a big fan of LOG for a long, long time, I got a little bit nervous before this album when I heard Chris Adler saying that they didn't want to be a legacy act and they had to make music that was still relevant and not just more of the same. I feel like you never know what you're going to get in those situations. Resolution turned out to be just amazing thought; who was I to think after 17 years together they were suddenly going to sound different/worse/compromised? I think this is their most solid album to date.

To me the album sounds like a mix of Wrath and Ashes of the Wake with a few other things thrown in there. I noticed great improvements over Wrath in both drums and vocals (not to say that the other members did any worse than before).

Short track by track:

Straight for the Sun: Slow, heavy, sludgy song. Great intro track and it isn't like anything they have done before. 7/10

Desolation: One of my favorite songs on the album, groovy riffs and and interesting shreek or two by Randy. Not unlike the typical LOG sound. 8.5/10

Ghost Walking: Main riff is reminiscent of Pantera. Solid, standard LOG song with Mark's best guitar solo to date. 7.5/10

Guilty: This song definitely makes me think of Ashes of the Wake. Typical fast Lamb of God song, not bad but nothing special about it. 6/10

The Undertow: Nice riffage, awesome vocals in this song. Another song that reminds me of AOTW. 7/10

The Number Six: Here is where we start to see some new stuff. Definitely some interesting vocals in the chorus, kind of a sing/scream/yell mix. Slower than typical LOG speed. Some small bass solos in there as well. Great song. 8/10

Barbarosa: Short instrumental interlude with some nice acoustic guitar. Won't even bother rating it. The second half of the album has a lot of really different types of songs for LOG.

Invictus: Interesting opening riff, not the usual stuff but still heavy. Randy sounds like the devil himself in the Chorus. 7/10

Cheated: Speedy punk-type song. Not necessarily anything ground-breaking but it is put together very well and the end of the song has a little surprise for you. 7.5/10

Insurrection: Slower song with a little bit of clean vocals by Randy, and he still manages to sound badass doing it. Nice guitar solo as well. 6.5/10

Terminally Unique: I love this song. Weird opening riff but still sounds awesome. Really badass riffs during the 2nd half of the verses. Just a different sounding song overall. 8.5/10

To The End: Aside from King Me this is probably my favorite track. The main riff has an awesome feel of southern groove. Awesome job on vocals in this one as well. 9/10

Visitation: Really fast song that starts out typical but there are some different riffs behind the choruses that sound cool. Another one that I have to commend the vocals on, awesome lyrics as well. 8/10

King Me: Beastly. That is the best word for it. Perfect way to end an album and totally different from anything LOG has ever done. The string orchestra and opera singer add an eerie and dark element to the song. The lyrics are amazing. 10/10

Overall I give the album an 8.5/10. There aren't any doozies on it and there is some really different stuff. Even if you didn't like Wrath or Sacrament this is definitely worth a few listens.
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