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OK, so I'll dribble a few of the less momentous lists out there this afternoon. First up is my customary list of stuff I didn't get around to hearing. It's longer this year than ever, which is part of the reason I've gotten off to a slow start. I kept hearing good stuff throughout January, but at some point I just had to cut it off and say "enough".

So here is the list of albums I meant to include, but just couldn't:

Fifteen Albums That I Didn't Get Around to Listening To This Year
  • Cave In - White Silence
  • Liturgy - Aesthethica
  • Children of Bodom - Relentless Reckless Forever
  • Chimaira - The Age of Hell
  • Deicide - To Hell with God
  • Hate Eternal - Phoenix Amongst the Ashes
  • Septicflesh - The Great Mass
  • Shining (Swe) - VII: Född Förlorare
  • The Black Dahlia Murder - Ritual
  • Noisear - Subvert the Dominant Paradigm
  • Boris - New Album
  • Boris - Heavy Rocks
  • Boris - Attention Please
  • Saviours - Death's Procession
  • Gridlink - Orphan

(Caveat: I actually did listen to a few of these, but not enough that I could render any sort of fair opinion.)
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