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So I was driving to work today, thinking about the fact that I got the list of 120 albums I listened to in 2011 finalized yesterday, so I could finally start posting in this thread. I was excited to get started, and wondered to myself why it had taken so long. Then I remembered that in the last two months, I have:
  • Taken my older son sled riding one weekend.
  • Taken him tobogganing another weekend.
  • Taken him "camping" (ok, so we stayed at a lodge with a pool, but still ) for three days.
  • Traveled to Las Vegas for work for a week in December.
  • Traveled to Birmingham, AL for work for a few days, also in December.
  • Traveled to Austin, TX for work for a week in January.
  • Hosted various family members at our house over the holidays.
  • Worked a lot of overtime trying to get three revisions of the budget for my project done, at management's request.
  • Done my P90X workouts on a fairly consistent basis (an hour to ninety minutes per workout, about four times a week on average).
  • Paid the bills, put the kids to bed, and occasionally spent some time with my wife.
...and during that time, I've still managed to write reviews for the new Red Fang, Tombs and Black Cobra, not to mention having finalized my Top 25 Albums, Top 5 Live Shows and Favorite Live Release for that same web site as well back in early January (did I mention that the pinnacle of my list has been published elsewhere for about five or six weeks now? no? oops! ).

So then I decided to take it easy on myself and accept that when this shit gets done, it gets done.

[/overlongjustification]'s how this party is gonna go down:
  • Fifteen Albums That I Didn't Get Around to Listening To This Year
  • Ten Metal Albums That Straight Up Sucked / Pissed Me Off
  • Five Metal Albums That Were Good, But Just Aren't My Thing, Man
  • Fifteen Metal Albums That Were Just OK
  • Fifteen Metal Albums That I Probably Would Have Loved, Given More Time
  • Top Ten Live Shows
  • Top Ten Live Performances
  • Natrlhi's Sexy Sixty (Top 60 Metal Favorites EDIT: and a few non-metal ones )
In all honesty, I should be halfway through the list of 120 albums before the end of this weekend, because they're all figured out now, and I don't plan on providing descriptions for much except the Sexy Sixty (and several of those are already done, too).
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