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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
That started out being a good joke, but if you had switched the years around it would have made more sense.

Anyway...coming soon to a 2011 Year-End List Orgy Near You:
  • Natrlhi's Sexy Sixty (Top 60 Metal Favorites EDIT: and a few non-metal ones )
  • Fifteen Metal Albums That I Probably Would Have Loved, Given More Time
  • Top Ten Live Shows
  • Top Ten Live Performances
  • Five Metal Albums That Were Good, But Just Aren't My Thing, Man
  • Fifteen Metal Albums That Were Just OK
  • Fifteen Albums That I Didn't Get Around to Listening To This Year
  • Ten Metal Albums That Straight Up Sucked / Pissed Me Off
  • Lots of Crying, Bitching, Whining, and Occasionally, Some Agreement and Maybe Even Some Praise
  • Other Assorted Bullshit
...not necessarily in that order.

No purchase necessary, offer void where prohibited, batteries not included, blah, blah, blah.
That's a lot of stuff coming up
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