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Originally Posted by hiddenzombie013 View Post
Nice review! I'm going to the one in Orlando tonight (which means you should change your title to the 6th instead), so this is the set I'll be expecting. I'll be another one complaining about Ticks and Leeches though (I complained in another thread too haha) since I that's my single favorite Tool song, and they never do it. I wish they would at least do Parabola like they were doing when they would play Sober before, as it would make the absence of T&L not as bad. Despite all this, I've been dying to see Tool for years now, so I'm incredibly excited.
Oh shit, didn't even realize that! Yeah if a mod or something reads this, could you change the date to the 6th Yeah, Ticks is in my top 5 favorite and I like sober, but not even close to how much I like Ticks. If they played Parabol/Parabola my life would have been set as well. This was my first time seeing them after waiting for about 6 years. It was well worth the wait, have fun in Orlando!

Originally Posted by VoidFlame View Post
Sounds like an great time! How much did you pay for your ticket?
I think it was around 85$. It was a large price, but not that bad for an arena show. My seats were right off the floor(purposefully like that, thanks Nat, you were right about floor ), but it was worth the price.
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