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Tool -- Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- February 6th, 2012

Ball of Molten Lead
Adrift in the Ocean

Hooker With a Penis
(-) Ions
Forty-Six & 2

Amazing show. YOB kicked ass and no one booed them the whole show. They actually got a good reaction if anything. I met Mike after the show and he looked so excited that someone actually came up to say hi and to take a picture. If anything he asked for a picture One of the coolest guys I've men, I said see him at MDF and he got super excited and asked for my name. Can't wait till then.

Tool was amazing as well. Hearing some of your favorite songs live is like no other experience. Me and this older guy(late-30s? somewhere around there) were singing every last word to every song together. We were the only ones to catch Maynard missing a line in pushit It also seems like Maynard has strained his voice, because they put it low in the mix. I was disappointed to see Ticks and Leeches removed too, was really, really looking forward to that(but that adds to my suspicion of Maynard straining his voice. This was mostly a complain of my friend though, I didn't care and thought everything was awesome. It was pretty upsetting when few knew the words to Hooker with a Penis and Pushit. Oh well, I had a great time and a great experience seeing one of my favorite bands. Can't wait till they come back.

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