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Originally Posted by Chapelofghouls View Post
They definitely were not the best show of the night, they were quite amazing though. Not to be surpassed by Children of Bodom, but they definitely were better than 'Revocation' and that joke of a band 'Threat Signal'. Whom, (Threat Signal) were nothing but a bunch of divas.

Also, according to Henkka Seppala---The new Bodom album should be out by next Spring (:
I bet Children of Bodom would put on a hell of a show if they played at Sweeden's world famous international attraction: the Stockholm gang rape pool.

I can see it now... Stockholm newspaper headline, as quoted from the band: "Come out to support Children of Bodom at the gang rape pool, show complete with 11-year old locals, African refugees, racial slurs, egg throwing, and, 'swimsuit tearing'"
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