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16. Black Pyramid - Black Pyramid
Doom Metal

1. ...And the Gods Made War
2. Visions of Gehenna
3. Mirror Messiah
4. No Life King
5. Celephais
6. Twilight Grave
7. The Worm Ouroborous
8. Cauldron
9. Winter Mute

This is newer, but this is definitely a great album. Black Pyramid is basically traditional doom with a modern twist, taking the original sound and giving it more punch and more technicality. After the intro, Visions of Gehenna starts it off slow, heavy and catchy. Speaking of catchy, Twilight Grave is another highlight. This is well written stuff, and it's also their debut. I just now found out their their second album was just released last week. I need to find get more info on that...

Twilight Grave
Mirror Messiah
Visions of Gehenna
I've lost track of just about everything.
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