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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Decided to go back and re-do Arkham Asylum
And done, with a far higher Riddler secrets count than I bothered to mop up the first time. Just need to go round and find the missing ones, then knock out the challenge maps (which are far more fun than the Arkham City ones purely because there are too many City ones and they just get boring).

Pretty sure I won't get all of the combat map medals without getting bored, so I can realistically aim for another 8 of the remaining 13 achievements. Maybe 9. Don't expect to get the Freeflow Perfection one, or the Freeflow Gold, and I can't be bothered to play through the whole thing yet again to get the third storyline completion one.

And I have no idea what the Man-A-Mano one is. Presumably it's beating a titan enemy without using the baterang?

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