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Originally Posted by Epidemic Reign View Post
This is entirely off-topic, but...

"Dark Passion Play" and "Imaginaerum" both have higher ratings than "Once" on MA.

Only slightly, but still.
While i have no clue what MA is, I can see how that's possible. Once is a pretty good album but The Peot & The Pendulum alone beats everything on it except Ghost Love Score. Imaginaerum took me a handful of listens but the album is great and I like it better than Once. The new one will never take over Century Child and Wishmaster with me but it's still a damn good album.

Let's not forget that Nightwish became more popular with Anette. Her voice is more appealing and easier for a lot of people to listen to than Tarja's is. Not to mention she's not a complete egotistical diva who is too good to tour North America because she doesn't like that they play smaller venues here like Tarja does. Overall Anette is just much easier for everyone to like, so that's another reason why those albums are ranked so high. Oh yeah and the songs are pretty good on both albums anyways
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