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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
Tom is one of my favorites, as well. He sounds amazing since his surgery.
I couldn't agree with you more my friend. Ever since Tom put aside Head banging forever and got that brutal surgery out of the way he sounds 10 thousand times better than he has ever Been in the last decade. Especially for his age! He sounded good in 2009 at mayhem and the years before that but you could till during some of his parts he would get too winded from all the head banging to catch a breather or two. Now that he doesn't headband anymore he sounds damn near perfect on the older songs(Reign in Blood-Show no mercy era albums). You can tell a huge difference in toms Vocals now that he doesn't head bang anymore, HUGE DIFFERENCE. I bet tom is going to sound amazing at mayhem

and i Agree 100% with you bloodofkings. Tom is a big BIG part of why I love Slayer so much. What made slayer stand out so much from other bands was Tom Arayas aggression and power and the tone that he brought to the table. Tom just stands out from every other vocalist in metal but that is just my opinion and my opinion only. Songs like "Disciple", "Live Undead", "Jesus Saves" "Postmortem" and "Dittohead" are a couple that always come to mind.

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