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I got to go to this show, although I had to leave before Anthrax came on (which isn't too bad since I saw them in Orlando with Slayer and Megadeth in 2010). I knew I was going to have to leave before I came though, so I was mainly there for Testament, and their set was sweet! Like you said, this was the longest set they played this tour, and they covered a ton of good ones. The crowd was pretty intense, but not to the point where you couldn't stand or anything.

At one point their speakers went out during the show, so you could only hear one guitar and the drums (although the speakers were out on them too). Still, the band kept playing as if nothing happened. However, during The Formation of Damnation, Chuck Billy split the crowd in tow for a wall of death. He told the crowd to charge on the count of three, but as luck would have it, the speakers went out during the countdown, leaving the crowd confused. Luckily, the guys said 'screw that!' and re-did it, and shit was awesome.

It was only $20, and considering they got a headline-length set, it was totally worth it. Plus, Anthrax is suppose to play a headline set at Mayhem right? I can catch them then.
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