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Anthrax -- Tampa, FL -- February 1st, 2012

Tour: Worship Music Tour 2012
Headliner: Anthrax
Support: Testament, Death Angel
Venue: Green Iguana, Tampa, FL
Date: February 1st, 2012

Death Angel Set List:

01. I Chose The Sky
02. Mistress Of Pain
03. Truce
04. Claws In So Deep
05. The Ultra Violence (Intro)/Thrown To The Wolves

Set Time: 7.40-8.10

Death Angel Lineup:
Vocals: Mark Osegueda
Guitar: Rob Cavestany
Guitar: Ted Aguilar
Bass: Damien Sisson
Drums: Will Carroll

Testament Set List:

01. The Preacher
02. The New Order
03. The Persecuted Won't Forget
04. Practice What You Preach
05. Over The Wall
06. Souls Of Black
07. Into The Pit
08. Electric Crown
09. Henchmen Ride
10. More Than Meets The Eye
11. Alone In The Dark
12. Disciples Of The Watch

13. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
14. 3 Days In Darkness
15. The Formation Of Damnation

Set Time: 8.40-10.03

Testament Lineup:
Vocals: Chuck Billy
Guitar: Alex Skolnick
Guitar: Eric Peterson
Bass: Greg Christian
Drums: Gene Hoglan

Anthrax Set List:

Intro: Worship
01. Earth On Hell
02. Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't
03. Caught In A Mosh
04. Antisocial
05. The Devil You Know
06. Indians
Hymn 1 (P.A.)
07. In The End
08. Got The Time
09. Deathrider
10. Medusa
11. Among The Living

12. Madhouse
13. Metal Thrashing Mad
14. I Am The Law

Set Time: 10.35-12.06

Anthrax Lineup:
Vocals: Joey Belladonna
Guitar: Scott Ian
Guitar: Rob Caggiano
Bass: Frank Bello
Drums: Gene Hoglan

- Met up with Butcher of Birth and his girlfriend before the show. After seeing 3 Maiden shows together over the last few years, it was cool to finally go to a non-Maiden show. We were at the front of the line and hit the rail as soon as they opened the doors. The crowd was more intense than the Indy show especially during Testament. The venue was kind of cool. It is in the courtyard between a restaurant and a motel. The sound was good but Joey Belladonna was way too low in the mix. (Which is funny because at the Indy show he was so loud it actually hurt my ears at times.)
- Death Angel cut Buried Alive from the set, I had assumed because the show started late. But then Testament added 2 songs to their set, so I am not sure why they dropped it. I can't wait to see Death Angel headline again. They are an excellent live band.
- Testament added Alone In The Dark and The Formation Of Damnation to the set that they had been playing. Alone In The Dark was excellent and one of the highlights of their set.
- Gene Hoglan was still filling in for Charlie Benante on drums. It is amazing that Gene can play a full 15 songs with Testament and then 30 minutes later play a full Anthrax set. Definitely have to give him credit for pulling double duty.
- I was glad to get a full Anthrax set after the shorter set in Indy. It was great to see Scott Ian back again, even though it was kind of cool to see the Death Angel guys fill in at the Indy show.
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