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Intro: In Sacred Flames
4.Travels in Stygian
6.The Coming Curse
7.The Last Laugh
8.Burnt Offerings
9.The Path I Choose
10.Red Baron/Blue Max
11.Sacrifical Kingdoms
12.Burning Oasis
13.Desert Rain
14.The Prophecy
15.Gettysburg-High Water Mark
16.When the Night Falls
18.Harbringer of Fate
19.Cast in Stone
20.Declaration Day (w/Ripper Owens and Stu)
21.Framing Armaggedon (w/Ripper Owens)
22.A Question of Heaven (w/Matt Barlow)
23.The Clouding (w/Matt Barlow and Ripper Owens)
24.Stormrider (Schaffer and Stu on vocals)
25.Dante's Inferno (w Matt Barlow and Stu)
26.Iced Earth (w/ Matt Barlow, Ripper Owens, and Stu)
Don't go to Heaven, Cause its really only HELL!- "Don't Talk to Strangers" by Ronnie James Dio

We miss you Ronnie...
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