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Originally Posted by WOLVERINEKILLS View Post
Not so sure about that. I recall Ward pulling the same stunt trying to hold out for more $ on the 99 reunion tour and the band gave in. If my memory serves me correct, Ward held out for more than his fair share then and I bet that is exactly what he is doing now.

With Vinny Appice in Kill Devil Hill and Mike Bordin in FNM hopefully they can get a suitable replacement. Too bad Vinnie Paul is doing that awful HellYeah gig as he would be a good fit. His drumming on the Black Sabbath covers that Pantera did was damn near perfect.
There are indeed a few good replacements, but as Napoléon once said "l'histoire se répète"... Besides, the last time Bill played on a studio album was Tony's first solo album, "Iommi", in 2000. On one track.

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