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Originally Posted by Polock91 View Post
I also can't stand bands where guitars and bass are completely indistinguishable (i.e., High on Fire, Sleep, Stoned Jesus, Spacegoat, Drunken Joint, Electric Wizard (OH NOEZ, SOMEONE SAID THEY DON'T LIKE THE WIZARRRRDDDD, KILL IT WITH FIRE)).
I can definitely tell apart the bass and guitar in HOF (listen to this), Sleep, and Stoned Jesus, dude, as well as EW, but in EW's case I can definitely see how somebody couldn't, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here on them. Kudos for knowing who Stoned Jesus are, though!

Even though you probably won't check these out, I'm always glad to try to show someone music they might not like initially, so listen to these songs as well:

Monster Magnet - Space Lord
Corrosion of Conformity - Senor Limpio
Orchid - Capricorn
Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog
Church of Misery - The Gray Man
Down - Lifer
9/24 Beirut
10/18 Opeth
10/19 The Tallest Man on Earth
11/5 Titus Andronicus
11/22 The Vaccines
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