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it was completely unnecessary and sounded goofy. me and my friends all laughed at him.

Darkest Hour destroyed as usual. best band, it blows my mind that theyre not bigger.

SS was HILARIOUS. I was infuriated at them at first, then just found the singer's schtick ridiculous. And what's with the Hot 97 air horn sound effect? they didnt seem like they were using it for a laugh either. Just a bizarre stage presence and all around live show from them. please go away.

Robb talks way too much and alot of their newer material could have 2 or 3 minutes sliced off of each track, but that was a fun show. they were up there busting their ass for almost two hours. It's impressive how good Robb's voice is after all these years. Tight guitar work as usual from them too. There was WAY too much bass drum in the mix though. cant believe the sound people wanted it this way. it overpowered everything else, and was so heavy that it sounded fake, like an electronic bass effect. that sucked.

crowd was filled with neanderthal morons as expected, but the place had a great energy. crowd on the floor absolutely lost it for Imperium, Old, Ten Ton Hammer, Halo & Davidian. big big pits.
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