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Originally Posted by hb420 View Post

While I understand YOB not clicking with someone there is absolutely no reason to bash them so aggressively.
there's literally nothing aggressive about saying a band blows. that's all I said. Unless maybe you're talking about the other people here, which, even then, it isn't "aggressive."

I don't like Yob for the same reason I don't much care for most of the bands in the stoner genre. I can't listen to the same riff 7,593 times in a row. To me, "stretching a riff out" does not a song make. I also can't stand bands where guitars and bass are completely indistinguishable (i.e., High on Fire, Sleep, Stoned Jesus, Spacegoat, Drunken Joint, Electric Wizard (OH NOEZ, SOMEONE SAID THEY DON'T LIKE THE WIZARRRRDDDD, KILL IT WITH FIRE)).

I'm not shit talking people for liking them, but I can, and will shit talk the band because I don't like them. Everyone on this board is guilty of doing that for at least one band; just because I happen to say so about a band you like doesn't make me an "idiot."

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