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Originally Posted by Fates Guardian View Post
My take:

Death Angel was the surprise of the night. Tons of energy, great fucking show. I've always found 'Act III' to be quite boring and I've never heard 'The Ultra-Violence', so I really wasn't expecting much. Boy was I wrong.

Testament was really good, especially during 'Over the Wall', until they played for like 30 minutes too long. They're just too same-y to go on for that long, and I found Chuck Billy to be an unengaging frontman. Alex Skolnick was, of course, awesome though.

Anthrax played for at least as long as Testament, but they were much more entertaining, and had great energy. Between them, Joey Belladonna and Scott Ian had great crowd interaction, and the setlist was pretty ace. Couldn't believe they played two songs from 'Fistful of Metal'! Fuck yeah.

Special mention has to be given to Gene Hoglan, who probably played for a grand total of 3, 3 1/2 hours. That man has some serious stamina. A top-notch drummer (as if that was in question).

Also, the pit for all three bands was pretty violent. I met my quota of getting knocked down at least once. =]
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