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Anthrax -- Atlanta, GA -- February 2nd, 2012

Death Angel:

1) I Chose The Sky
2) Mistress of Pain
3) Truce
4) Claws In So Deep
5) Buried Alive
6) The Ultra Violence (Intro)/Thrown to the Wolves


1) The Preacher
2) The New Order
3) The Persecuted Won't Forget
4) Practice What You Preach
5) Over the Wall
6) Souls of Black
7) Into the Pit
8) Electric Clown
9) Henchmen Ride
10) More Than Meets the Eye
11) Disciples of the Watch
12) D.N.R.
13) 3 Days in Darkness
14) Formation of Damnation


1) Worship
2) Earth on Hell
3) Fight 'Em Till You Can't
4) Caught in a Mosh
5) Antisocial
6) The Devil You Know
7) Indians
8) Hymn 1
9) In The End
10) Got the Time
11) Deathrider
12) Medusa
13) Among the Living
14) Madhouse
15) Metal Thrashing Mad
16) I Am The Law

So I was one of the first people there when I arrived at the venue at 4, and doors opened at 7. Instead of waiting in line, my buddy and I just hung out by the buses and met all of Testament (except Alex) within an hour or so. Got pictures with them and talked to them for a bit. Greg was probably the most talkative member even though he was pretty sick so that was cool of him.

About an hour before doors we got in line, and I had the VIP meet and greet for Anthrax. It was announced that Frank and Charlie both weren't going to be there (I totally understand why), and the manager offered us a refund if we wanted it. I decided to go ahead and do it anyways because I was already excited to meet them. About 30 minutes before doors the manager took us backstage were we went in one at a time to talk to Anthrax. Needless to say I was pretty damn nervous haha. They were all real cool though, and signed my poster and got a group picture with them. I wore a vest with a lot of black metal and death metal bands on it so Anthrax and the manager gave me a lot of shit for not having an Anthrax patch on there (I do have a Slayer patch on it), but they were all just kidding around. The manager got my email address and said he would personally mail me an Anthrax patch if I put it on my vest so I agreed haha. Bellodonna then asked me if I was going to be in the pit, and I said no way, I'm going to be front row center! When I was finished talking to them I hurried back to the front of the venue because they were already letting people in, and my buddy saved me a spot right up front.

Honestly, I love all 3 bands on this tour, but I was expecting Testament to be the best band of the night. I was wrong though, they were second best behind Anthrax. Anthrax blew everybody away, and were spot on for everything! During "Indians" Chuck Billy from Testament joined them on stage for a few seconds so that was pretty cool. Another highlight was when Bellodonna kept encouraging people to smoke weed, and during a song someone threw a joint on stage. Took him a few songs to realize it was there, but when he found it he picked it up and immediately someone threw a lighter at him haha. After that he gave it to his manager on the side of the stage so I wonder if he smoked it later....

Almost all band shirts were $25, but since I have over 120 of them I decided to hold off this time haha. All the members of Anthrax came out after the show, and signed stuff for people. Gene and Joey both recognized me after the show, and thought it was funny that everybody up front were getting killed by crowd surfers and from the people behind us.

Great show! I think Anthrax is going to have a hard time topping this one!

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