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Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post
Understandable. Though, judging by your second to last post, I feel you're judging this type of music by genres that are completely different, which isn't entirely fair. In doing so you're missing the reasons people like this type of music. The tone might sound nasty, but it's supposed to sound that way. Playing the same riff for four minutes straight isn't supposed to be technical. And sometimes it's the simplicity of the music that leaves an impression on the listener. Just listen to the last five minutes of "The Catechism of Depression" off Mournful Congregation's new album. That shit just burns its way into your mind. Playing in an odd time signature is useless to me if the music doesn't impact me in some emotional way.

Now don't get me wrong, YOB isn't one of my favorite bands out there. There are maaaany bands in their genre doing better things than they are. But I think it's important, at least before criticizing them, to understand their appeal to people who do like them (coincidentally, I'm still trying to figure out the appeal of deathcore to people out there *JDcoughcough* ).

I'm really not interested in seeing them live, especially in an environment like the one on this tour. I'll give an opinion though after seeing them at Maryland Deathfest.
Well I was never asking for technicality, as quite a few bands I listen to don't have extraordinarily complicated riffage or such. It's just the extremity of how simple it is, as I would say the same if it were over-the-top and all over the place (a strong reason why I dislike tech death a lot.) But you said it right, it's what stays with the listener, so if that simplicity works, then so be it. I certainly understand their appeal to those who enjoy them, but I find little ground to "sympathize" due to different genre tastes.

More than anything, I am pleasantly surprised at your sophisticated response, unlike most of the content that the ignoramus' post here. At the very least, thanks for contributing something that wasn't "u mad bro" or things of that nature.
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