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Machine Head -- Philadelphia, PA -- February 2nd, 2012

Venue- Trocadero

Nothing new as far as the setlist goes; this is my first review of a show here on so be easy on me...

According to the Trocadero website the show started at 6:30, my friend and I were too busy knocking back a couple at my place to realize we were cutting it pretty close (coming from south jersey, we took the speedline @ the Woodcrest station) but luckily we got there with about 20 minutes to spare. As i made my way to the bar for a drink i had to manuever around some scene kids who were crowded around the suicide silence merch table (members of the band were there chatting) I asked a couple people what they thought of their live show once i got upstairs, it wasnt the warmest of responses I'll leave it at that.

I believe it was the God Forbid guitar player (bald guy, tall) that was at the upstairs bar making small talk with whoever was around, i met him at slayer/megadeth show last summer, pretty personable guy. My friend and I each got a beer and knocked back a shot of Jager before heading downstairs for the mighty Machinehead.

They went on at 9:10 and my god were they flawless. Good crowd, pretty nice pit (even a couple chicks which surprised me) new songs seem to go over just as well as the older ones. As with every show i could complain about what was or wasnt played but overall the setlist seemed to cover alot of ground. Rob was talking about how they shot the video for "Take My Scars" at this very venue about 10 years ago and how it's still his favorite music video the band has done. I was actually excited because i thought he was going to follow those comments by actually playing the song....oh well. I was really surprised at how well "The blood, the sweat" and "bulldozer" went over, and even after hearing Halo so many times live it's still one of my favorites. I Am Hell started off strange, Rob's uses something to alter his vocals where he sounds...i dunno how to describe it....satanic? To me it was overkill, maybe i'm just so used to how it sounds on the album.

Anyway during the encore we grabbed another beer and headed down to the Machinehead merch table as the show concluded. I grabbed a sweet looking sleeveless work shirt for $50.00 before we headed out into the oh so friendly streets of Philly and headed back to the speedline.
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