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Warbringer -- Baltimore, MD -- February 2nd, 2012

Living Weapon
Shattered Like Glass
Shoot to Kill
Demonic Ecstasy
Severed Reality
Total War
Living in a Whirlwind
Combat Shock

First metal show of 2012, and once again I'm trekking my way up to Baltimore to prove how much of a lunatic fanboy I am of Warbringer. This was a one-off/warmup show before the Symphony X/Iced Earth tour begins; thus the small setlist. There were approximately 10^4 local bands playing, so I just rolled in around 11:30, watch the last of the locals and then thrashed with Warbringer.

This is also one of their first shows with the replacement guitarist for Adam Carroll, who quit the band very recently. That said, the new guy knew his shit; all the riffing was spot on, he took a few liberties with the solos, but you can't knock a guy for that.

Warbringer had their usual merch loadout: 3 different shirts ($20), a hoodie, World's Torn Asunder LP, CDs, patches ($5), and beer coozies.
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