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Ok, I finally saw the power metal episode.

First off, holy shit was it awesome to see Kai Hansen get a respectable amount of interview time. On fucking VH1! Second of all, considering this was a 45 minute special and not a "Get Thrashed" like retrospective, I thought they did a damn good job.

That said, there definitely were flaws. This is more of a complaint of the series as a whole, but Sam has fuckin learned nothing from making the Rush and Maiden documentaries and their successes being a result of staying the fuck off the screen. I don't hate the sight of the guy, but a rule of filmmaking is show, don't tell. I also thought him awkwardly filming waiting for Yngwie and getting blown off by Manowar was very unprofessional.

Speaking of Yngwie and Manowar, Sam was very wrong in presenting his facts. He claims Manowar took power metal back from Yngwie and brought it back to its roots. Except Manowar had two albums before Rising Force and already had a reputation by then so if anything Yngwie took it away from them.

He did the exact same thing with Nightwish and Dragonforce. "Nightwish evolved the sound of power metal further than Dragonforce." Ok yes, Nightwish evolved the sound of the fucking 1990's!! The first 4 Nightwish albums or so were what European metal fans were finding salvation in while American was jacking off over Limp Bizkit, Slipknot and nu-metal. By the time Through The Fire and Flames came out, Tarja had been shitcanned from Nightwish and even hadn't been, their period of importance and unfluence was pretty much over.

I know this sounds really nerdy, but I don't think assbag groove metal fans would appreciate it if I said Pantera took metal back to a stripped down level after Sepultura's overtribalization(not a real word) of metal with Chaos AD and Roots.

Also, I have to take points off for that marching band version of Final Countdown. That was the gayest fucking thing I have ever seen. The original version was terrible to begin with, but that was Liberace, Richard Simmons and Fred Phelps joining that Penn State guy for an underage boys room shower rape orgy.
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