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im just going to review the bands. fuck you if you don't like it.

Darkest hour always puts on a great show. From the opening song to the last they are relentless and they never cease to amaze me when they play. When i saw machine head was going to be touring i was iffy about it and then when i saw DH was on the bill i knew i had to go. Them alone were worth the money i spent.

Suicide Silence fans can go fuck themselves. Biggest pieces of shit fans since Hatebreed or Emmure fans. Scene fags and "hardcore" douchebags are what to find. I almost got kicked out for elbowing a guy in the face a couple times. He deserved it. Aside from that SS puts on a great show. If it wasn't for Mitch and the constant breakdowns they could be a respectable band.

Machine Head was 100% pure awesome rolled up into roughly an hour and a half of kick-assery. Darkness Within would have been the highlight of the night if only the crowd would have known the damn words to it. I felt like i was the only one singing along. Oh well. It was a great show and a perfect way to start February. If you have the chance to go to one of the remaining dates take it. Machine Head and Darkest hour never fail to amaze me with their performances.

T-shirts for all bands were $30 each, Darkest Hour had an autographed sticker you get if you make a donation to them since they had some stuff stolen in Montreal. Suicide Silence had a shot glass for like a dollar and bracelets for $10. Machine Head had a tin of picks for $10, a patch for $5 i think, a beanie for $15, I'm sure there was something else but I can't remember right now.
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