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Were you front row center? I think I saw you there. We hit the strip clubs at 1:30 and made a party day of it. I switched to water during SS just to try to pace myself. Didn't help. hahaha

Machine Head killed it. Wish they had more of the visuals I saw on the euro tour but they are incredible live. Shockingly I didn't hate SS. I hate the singer and his skinny jeans but the guitarist on the left shredded and they were actually tolerable at times. Darkest Hour was awesome. The drummer plays the most minimal drumkit I've ever seen, 4 drums and 2 cymbals and played it like he had Neil Peart's kit. Wish they played after SS.

Best part of the day was a 3-way tie between MH, The girls talking about squirting and me and Kory G playing homage to the Bassmaster Beat Boxer. Everywhere we went we did this to people. My face still hurts from laughing.
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