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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
I think after Nevermore and Soilwork dropping out on the last tour, not enough people went to see them last time. Now they are making sure those songs are being heard.

All I can complain about is the lack of Paradise Lost (the song) and the variation on the Iconoclast songs. Light Up The Night needs to be played live.

Iced Earth's set is perfection!
The three song encore was from Paradise Lost. Three songs from one album is pretty good when the band is promoting a new record. The problem right now is they play fairly short sets because of the way these tours are packaged. They are co-headlining this tour. The last time I saw them, they played with two other bands and that's after Nevermore and Soilwork dropped out. If they could play 20 more minutes, they could play more songs from the back catalog like Smoke and Mirrors, Sea of Lies and Evolution the Grand Design.
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