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Originally Posted by ShatteredFlame View Post
Fucking incredible for me. I only saw them once in 2009 during an outdoor festival and I had the worst time dealing with the crowd, the shitty sound, the setlist was as generic as it could get, and just the overall location of the fest was really uncomfortable to be in. This time I had very good seats right next to the stage and I didn't have to deal with no GA crowd. The sound was very good for an amphitheater, I didn't have a problem with it at all. I was able to enjoy every single song on the set including the hits that I've grown tired of, every member just seemed really into it and I rocked out to my favorite band. The visuals were amazing, especially Forty Six & Two which has to have some of the coolest effects ever on stage. Not to mention I saw my 2 favorite songs by my favorite band back to back (Ticks & Leeches, and Pushit). So overall I really had no gripes about anything, and since I am basically counting this as my first proper Tool concert I can say that this is the perfect tour for your first Tool show.
Sweet, Tool is my favorite band as well and Ticks & Leeches and Pushit are 2 of my favorites as well. I'm so incredibly stoked for this. I feel like I'm going to cry during the show

Also how was Ben?
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