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Originally Posted by VoidFlame View Post
They have, although minimal, hardcore influences in their music. For example, take the riffs in and vocal patterns in Violent by Nature. They have obvious hardcore punk influences. Another example is Convalescence. Just listen to that main riff, it has nothing to do with Death Metal and the clean vocal patterns come are heavily punk/hardcore/emo influenced (emo here is not intended to be a critic). Though, I have to say many of their songs are pure Melodic Death Metal.
Yeah, I agree with everything you say. Emo is definitely not a derogatory title. Not to mention that they are associated heavily with metalcore/hardcore bands of the 2000-2005 era when it comes to touring and fanbases. It's kind of like making the argument that a band like Earth Crisis or All Out War sound directly like a metal band, but are without a doubt considered hardcore instead.
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