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Originally Posted by TripKore View Post
LOL what? I'm pretty sure when i was sitting down when they started, Sounded like they were jamming out in a garage with some random music riffs and shit. I didn't hear any melody on half the songs. It was just boring. Sounded like they just started a band, and started playing random shit to me at least. I don't know I filmed it, I'll post some shit later, But honestly? Best metal record of 2011? I see it being far from that.

I'm sure I'll be shitted on my opinion, But what i heard, and everyone else around me who was booing, agreed. It was just terrible.
People were booing YOB? Really? I can never get myself to boo any opening band unless it is REALLY terrible. Even then I usually won't be able to get myself to do it. I guess being a musician, I know what it can feel like to be an opening band so I tend to give bands respect as often as I can, whether I like it or not. I know everyone has opinions, but I really don't think YOB deserved to be booed, although I can understand that their music doesn't really fit the Tool demographic all that well
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