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MH killed it last night. My highlights were Halo, Imperium, 13 year old Anthony, Locust and all the other new stuff. Great atmosphere from the band and crowd.

I love how some of these threads turn into a debate on whether these silly deathcore bands are good instead of the band who headlines that actually killed it. Machine Head was great. And Sanitarium is right. That 13 year old can play circles around the clowns from SS. And I don't think he means rythmless as in no beat, but as in no flow to the songs. Thats part and parcel with the song structure. It's just all over the place. The songs are stop and go, all those stupid breakdowns, and the screaming. It's like me and my friends who have little to no musical talent picking up instruments and playing. That's what these shitty bands sound like. And they keep taking up space at shows when a better band can be there. Or a band that's tolerable anyway. Maybe I was spoiled by growing up with 80s metal, thrash and NWOBHM bands. But I don't think that's the case. it just outright sucks. Usually I can find some sort of redeeming quality in a genre of music. This I can't. You know for whatever reason you guys like it that's your prerogative. I'm sure youre all cool guys who like different kinds of metal. I just don't get it.
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