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Machine Head -- Buffalo, NY -- January 29th, 2012

I Am Hell
Be Still and Know
Beautiful Mourning
The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears
This Is the End
Aesthetics of Hate (with 13 year old Anthony from Buffalo on guitar)
Darkness Within
Ten Ton Hammer
Who We Are


Got to the venue a little after eight and heard sounds coming from the stage that I can only imagine a pig makes as it's getting anally raped. Turns out as I got closer to the stage it was just Suicide Silence playing As to how anyone can like that no song structure, rythmless noise is beyond me. During the last song the singer said that anyone who crowd surfed up to him would get to shake his hand and he only did that for like two people even though there were more that came up. That guy is a fucking asshole for that. Crowd surfing is dangerous, i've seen people get hurt doing that, and he gets people to do it then gives them nothing when they got up there like he said he would

Anyways, on to the good portion of the night. Machine Head was great!! During the intro to I Am Hell they used a more death metal vocal effect. I know they're trying to make it sound more demonic but it just sounded weird to me. I guess i'm just used to the album version. There was a good sized crowd that was very in to the show. Singing along with everything, moshing, jumping and most of all headbanging.

Now this is one of the coolest things i've ever seen in my almost 20 years of going to concerts. There was a kid holding a sign up that said "Machine Head, let this 13 year old kid play Aesthetics Of Hate with you". Rob mentioned it to the crowd and asked if the kid had chops and he invited the kid up to the stage and Rob gave him his guitar to play the song. The kid fuckin nailed the song to, i'm not talking about just the main riff or anything but he played the whole damn song. The band and the crowd were very impressed. Plus, the kid proved that at only 13 he already has more musical talent than Suicide Silence. Rob just took the mic and walked the stage signing the song. Phil guided the kid while playing and Rob came over a couple times to check on him and smiled because the kid did it so well. I'm not sure if that was planned before the show or what but the kid did end up going back to the same spot he was in a few songs latter after leaving from the stage. Since I haven't read about that in any other review i'm guessing it wasn't planned.

I know this will piss off jhdeity when he sees them but they do play the child choir intro for Who We Are. If you have to take your aggression out on anybody because of that, try to do it on one of those annoying ninja dancers if you can

The highlights were everything but The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears and Bulldozer. I get that they want to represent all their albums though and those two songs did give me a breather so it at least served a purpose. All the songs sounded great and it was a very good show by Machine Head filled with headbanging goodness
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