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Originally Posted by bobbie solo View Post
YOB might be too slow or doomy for your taste, and they might not exactly work in an arena setting, but they certainly are not terrible. They put out one of the best metal records of 2011, have been praised for their work by tons of fans and critics, and are great songwriters. Listen to them again, this time with headphones on and let them set a mood. great band.
LOL what? I'm pretty sure when i was sitting down when they started, Sounded like they were jamming out in a garage with some random music riffs and shit. I didn't hear any melody on half the songs. It was just boring. Sounded like they just started a band, and started playing random shit to me at least. I don't know I filmed it, I'll post some shit later, But honestly? Best metal record of 2011? I see it being far from that.

I'm sure I'll be shitted on my opinion, But what i heard, and everyone else around me who was booing, agreed. It was just terrible.
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